September 3, 2010


Good friend and favorite nemesis Patrick Richardson Wright found this...

I really really like it.

in other news... some other things are not perfect... but dammit they sure are nice.

hearts and knuckle push up


August 24, 2010

MY DESIGN: The Tallest Man on Earth

been quite a long time since i've posted it seems...

for awhile there i didnt have a whole lot of time for fairly big names or semi complex designs..

anyway... started sketching a lot more.. even went to a sketch club last night started by lovely friend Kate Bailey of FreeTime Industries...

lets hope that goes well..

as for other things...

maybe another time... when we are both cats

<3 SWC

June 24, 2010

MY DESIGN: Neumos Beach Party!

this was my first crack at re-imagining or re-designing an old movie poster for a different design. seen plenty of other chaps do it before with some success. i had fun seeing this one done. i had only 8 some odd hours to get it done too. (grinDING)

also this is the first poster that i know of that has been printed in a weekly. specifically Seattle's "The Stranger" in which it was orinted full color 1/4 of the page. I'm pretty stoked on that considering my newspaper layout background... not cheap. thanks Neumos :)

hearts and such


June 20, 2010

MY DESIGN: Father's Day / #SWCprotip

I'd have to say the bulk of my #SWCprotips definitely came from life lessons learned from mi padre KevinWilliamCallahan. much love to you good sir. wish we could have shared multiple beers on the back porch today.

your son,


June 1, 2010

Photography: KJ Payback

A lil over a year ago one of my favorite photographers and good friend, Kyle Johnson, snagged a portrait of me at Linda's at this very same table.

after a pretty rough night/day for me, Kyle invited me out for a whiskey and photos. which helped more than anything else had that day.

did my best to snag a portrait in return

cheers KJ.

es duble u si

May 26, 2010

MY DESIGN: MATMOS @ The Triple Door. 6/17/10

My newest poster design and first time workin with The Triple Door. (grinDING)

i plan to have this whole city blanketed with my designs soon enough

(evil villian laugh)

(awkward silence)

(i need coffee)


May 20, 2010

SLOG: Flickr Photo of the Day

Deer Head, originally uploaded by shaunwilliamcallahan.

nice lil surprise i stumbled upon...





May 12, 2010

MY DESIGN: TORTOISE (with my basic design history)

one of those posters again where i was just kinda learning as i went along...

not sure if i've mentioned yet but i'm pretty much self taught. once upon a time i did some BASIC page layout in quark and indesign where i had to make the occasional sales ad space filler or layout the A&E section i was the editor of in a small college newspaper... (PCC) (2003 - 2005?)

back in Tucson,AZ i had made friends with Matt McCoy (DJ/ Graphic Designer) and was always watching and admiring his poster designs wishing i knew how to make them... (2006 - 2007) ( to see some of his stuff)

about 2.4 years ago i moved here to Seattle and with in a month or two i had made friends with Josh (Tigerbeat) and possibly bluffed that i knew..... errr or as my ego may have said back then "hustled" that i knew how to make basic posters... he called my bluff as josh usually does haha... but for whatever reason let me try anyway. (2008)

looking back at my first few tries now hurts my eyes and heart... but kept tryin. kept "husltin." kept "grinDING." eventually got smart and bought a book on photoshop/illustrator and started looking to McCoy and other designer blogs/websites

after that winter i had grown a lot as a designer/promoter/blah blah.. but sparing the details Josh and I stopped workin together yet have remained good friends and he now has a rad designer for all his stuff (wish i remembered the guys name... he seriously kills it)

flash forward to late 2009/now. thanks to a lil faith and good word from friend Blair (bar manager at Neumos) i was asked to do some posters for Neumos through "Market Mistress" Alicia.

since then i've been tryin to step up my game, keep my style fresh and increase my design knowledge. so far i've done calendars, business cards, posters, hand bills and even some ghetto invoice designs haha.

been blessed with this opportunity and plan to take it as far as i can.

wow this turned out to be really long..

thanks for reading and all your support.
(ya'll know who you are.. no more name drops)

hearts and push ups


May 11, 2010

MY DESIGN: Mother's Day & Birthday

thanks to Mom i think found a new calling! Greeting Card Designs haha. Just like Tom in (500)Days of Summer.... good grief

best mom ever though... seriously.


May 8, 2010

Music: Buke & Gass

So rarely find music or get excited about new stuff. this is not because i dont love music. but with a past in music journalism that left a bitter taste in my mouth, i tend not to look into the whole scene this much these days...

but on occasion i stumble onto stuff that makes me really happy i did. yesterday, after scrolling pass the article and podcast tons of time, i found Buke & Gass on (my favourite podcast place ever... next to

anyway... here is a link.