March 30, 2010

Been using different search engines today..

soo i have a new poster assignment...

therefore been doing a lot of image searching and its funny how much better ive become at finding images i want... annnnd what search engines to use to get them


reminded me off this screen image thingy by Kevin Pereira (@kpereira) (one of my favorite interweb/cable TV personalities)

thats all.


PS i need a nap

March 5, 2010

Roll 24: Fin?

Signed. Sealed. Delivered... 24 rolls of film shot through my Canon AE-1. I've come a long way in this one year since getting the Canon back in my hands after six years of dust was wiped clean from the camera and my knowledge. Some shots I'm really proud of, some others not so much haha.

Yet with over 300 shots I've definitely learned a lot and met some great people who have not only inspired me to grow with my photography but have also taken the time to educate me a long the way as well.

I still have penciled in plans of printing my 12 favorite shots from these 24 rolls of film in hopes a cafe or gallery would be kind enough to hang them on their walls.

again thanks to all who have commented, clicked favorite/like and gone with me on all the countless photowalks. You're all great people and cant wait to make more photos with you in 2010.



March 2, 2010

Roll 23: Closer

Just a few days passed Valentines Day I was in a wee bit better than normal which is always surprising because that particular Holiday hasn't always been soo kind to me in my days in Tucson...

Regardless of the lessons learned in the past I've definitely noticed that in general I am much more pleased with my photography when I'm in better moods. Which cant be said about all my other creative ventures for sure haha.

The momentum caught with this roll carried me quickly with confidence into Roll 24.



Roll 22: FRINGE

Saint Cherry R22, originally uploaded by shaunwilliamcallahan.

Being on the fringe? There have been a few number of times in my life where I have felt on the fringe of change. Be it life, occupation, creativity.

This is one of those times where all three feel as if they are at my door. As far as my photography goes this roll was where I had reached my original goal of 22 rolls in one year since I having my 6 years dusty Canon AE-1 and accessories sent up. I decided to up my goal to a solid 24... which you'll soon see.