December 30, 2009

Back in the Poster Design grind

A good friend recently got me hooked up with a lil side work at Neumos designing some basic Band Posters. Though making all the flashy busy DJ posters back in the day was fun, I'm excited for simplistic and variety in my upcoming designs. the free music and $$$ is gonna be nice too :)


December 21, 2009

Roll 18: Blues, Blacks & Whites

blues man 4 R18, originally uploaded by shaunwilliamcallahan.

For 2 years in High School and 5 Semesters in college all I shot was Black & White. I also developed all my own rolls and developed my own prints. At some point life happened $$$$ and I switched majors from photo journalism to just journalism and photography became casual, digital and pocket sized...

When Film Photography and I made a mends the thought of shooting in Black & White didn't even cross my mind. This city is overwhelmingly colorful. Yet now on the brink of winter with rain, temperatures and colors dropping I felt like now was the time to get back to my roots a bit a buy a roll of Ilford B&W.

At the same time I have recently gotten back into all things Blues music (documentaries, books, albums, movies and doing my best to play some myself). Like photography, blues is something that has always been there and can get me where I need to be (good times or the not so good times).

On a typical hungover morning off I re-watched one of my favorite films of all time "Crossroads" with Ralph Macchio (not to be confused with the Britney Spears flic). Though it has some obvious flaws the overall tone, culture and direction of the film is fantastic. One particular scene always hits me where over a bottle of whiskey, Blues Harp master Willie Brown sits while Lightning Boy plays his guitar in a broken down hostel. At this point Willie says one of the simplest lines in the movie but hits me like a brick in the chest every time.

"The blues ain't nothin' but a good man feelin' bad, thinkin' 'bout the woman he once was with. "

Anyway I wanted to take a chance and pay respects to the overall tone and quote in this scene with a few shots (inspired by an assignment from my friends in the "Keep It Light" photo group.

I unfortunately lost a good amount of photos due to the clutch failing when rewinding my film. But the good people at 60min on 14th and a lil photoshop work myself I was able to save a few shots.


much love,

-the third

December 12, 2009

Po Dog... My newest lover.

Shaun William Callahan, originally uploaded by striv3.

random blog and pic stating my love for Po Dog. Also, respect to my boy Nas for grabbin this flic. bacon dog sliders.


December 6, 2009

Roll 17: Flashbacks & Flashes

A lot of heart and headaches went into this roll.

The heart came from 2 recipes and 4 pies. 2 which were delicious and 2 of which were edible haha. In a short period of time I've unfortunately lost the only blood related grandmas I had left. With the help of family and a few pointers from friends I came up with a recipe that reminded me of the Pecan Pies they made in my younger years.

On a lighter note the headaches were actually self induced haha. As stated in some other rolls I always seem to be in a battle with light and exposure. So I blew the dust of my old sunpack flash and read up on its original 80s manual and went to work. With no autofocus it took a lil practice and some measuring (and some shaving of my to get the shots in focus and fun.

I saw spots for over an hour after (while eating said delicious pie), but I'm glad finally attacked the flash which should open my options a bit more on these dark winter nights in this city I love.

thanks as always for the comments, views, favorites and reading of my rambles.

ShaunWilliamCallahan (III)

Roll 16: No Directshaun Home

A split roll of some of my old home Tucson and my current home Seattle. 16 was tough because it was 200 speed film and I kept finding myself in low light situations. But I stuck with and chased the sun and found some shots I was pretty pleased with.

And as stated in Roll 15 I loved being Tucson and will visit it always, but Seattle is home now with the good the bad and the ugly (and sometimes down right sexy).


October 29, 2009

Roll 15: There's No Place Like Home

I went down to my home city of Tucson, AZ for 10 days for a cheap vacashaun and to see a friend ive know since before he could walk get married.

While in the (520) i found my self reconnecting with old friends and new more than i ever would have expected. sooo much that i kept forgetting to pull out my camera. (special mention to all the stupid cars that kept getting in the way of great shots i missed... jerks)

what i'll never forget is the great times i had with my parents and the great people i hope to keep connected with for the rest of my life...

ill always have times to get more pictures there later (look for a few shots to be in Roll 16 which is not quite finished yet)


October 4, 2009

520 Vacashaun

or vacation rather...

sooo im in tucson,az till the 13th (my birth city). it has been a year and a few months since ive been here. it feels like its been a decade. i forgot how brown it is flying in over the multi level mansions in the mountains and the double wide mobile homes with above ground pools.

at first glance i cant imagine how i once called this place home.

until i saw my mom at the airport.
then my dad when we got home
ive missed my parents soo much its ridiculous
annnnd my cat max haha

oh annnnd damn i forgot i know some great people here. last night i got to catch up with a few of my favorites Hank, Corybike, Mark, Sabrina , GRILL's Karlin and Sabrina...

soooo many more greats i have to try and connect with and somehow trick to come back to seattle with me.

anyway. time to make brunch and watch some football with my padre and then go hunt down some film for my Canon AE-1.

much love interwebs,


August 26, 2009

Roll 14: More Than A Couple of Days

Not really sure what to say..... Sooo many things have happened in the last few months. This roll was taken right at the beginning of some of these epic changes in my life..

New friends, new adventures, friendships growing/fading. some crazy life changing. Also days upon days of absolutely nothing happening and me loving it/ hating it haha.

Either way i finally got enough guts and cash set aside to pick this roll up and myself off the couch (metaphorically, since i dont have a couch haha) to get it developed and edited..

lets hope Roll 15 doesnt take as long. xo


June 29, 2009


already kinda tipsy and i havent even slipped on my shorts yet..

but the passed few days of this vacashaun have been amazing..

tonights gonna be epic... hope i make it through all of it.

loves to everyone


June 24, 2009

Roll 12: Momentary Loss of FOCUS

This was a bit of a tough roll. Nose surgery (again), a couple punches to the ego, lack of inspirashaun and focus caused me to lose a few shots to poor picture takin and also just not wanting to shoot.

BUT!!! Focus is back now inspiration is on HIGH!! I'm about 7 shots into Roll 13. So please enjoy what I was able to squeeze and edit out of this roll and stick around for my next coming soon


shaunwilliamcallahan (III)

June 13, 2009


ive never had the best luck on timing.
(i dont feel like diving into details)

yet could go way back to the monkey bar days if i had too...


right as i was about to go to bed after having a really miserable day
and not feeling so great about some other lil life things...
a friend messaged me with this link.

"God. Damn. It.

I have the biggest effing crush on you. You're the cutest, most hilarious, creative boy I've seen in a long time. And you don't even know I exist.

I just want to get to know you - without seeming like a total creeper."

whoever you are you had perfect timing.
ive never got a missed connection before.


June 5, 2009

Open Letter to White Male Cab Drivers in Seattle

you guys are the best... especially yall in the Yellow Cabs.

i haven't had too many bitter solo cabs rides back to Capitol Hill... or from there either. but when i do you guys are always there like an older brother or father to let me vent about fucked up shit and or boost my self esteem when its in jeopardy... this particular instant is in no way related to my last two entries so that we are clear. different characters in my screen play entirely ((for those who are keeping track haha))

now granted i said "white" this does not mean all other male cab driver suck. completely the opposite. they just provide a different service heh. i will never forget the cab ride home from the mansion where the cab driver himself ranted about "bitches" and gettin his dick sucked... then proceeded to sing along to BoyzIIMen on his radio while i laughed hysterically in the back and eventually began to sing along with him when Blackstreet came on... true story.

anyway... to bring it back to focus. all my intentions were honorable last night (which in said company admitingly has sometimes not been the case) and i ended up gettin burned. damn.. really felt like sophomore year all over again ((flashback humor)) and the cab guy totally came through and perked me up enough to continue the night.... though he should have taken me back to my apartment. ha.

thanks white male cab drivers in seattle. keep up the good work.


June 3, 2009

that last one

was silly.
i felt sooo relaxed yesterday.
great breakfast/walk and catch ups with Carly
and one of my favourites, Moochie, called me from AZ
and we talked for about an hour. love her.
then greens and beach all day with Annie Laurie and rotating guests.
followed up by bloody marys at Honors family mansion
and an awkward walk (of shame) home in just AA swimtrunks haha
(old men kept giving me look backs in there sedans and sports cars)

anyway... its a new day


June 1, 2009

Dont speak.... i know.

that went a bit too easy...
like i literally stopped her from talkin and completed the monologue for her hahaha...
honestly. she's a great girl...
and we gonna be great either way

i knew what i was gettin into.
she just didnt realize i knew .

as it always is...
time just aint on our side.

"this too shall pass"


hand half shaped as a heart. if you ever see this.
he'll be lucky when he finds you

May 26, 2009

Creative Personality Checklist

Creative Personality Checklist, originally uploaded by Olly Moss.


hungover blog. its been awhile. i dont even own a pencil. FAIL


May 25, 2009

Roll 11: Domestic Days and Summer Crazed

All kinds of life happened in this roll. Domestic days of Grocery Shopping, Breakfast, Haircut, IKEA and Home Depot. (Didn't have enough time for Bed, Bath & Beyond!)

Followed by a superb and crazy post Madison Beach BBQ Roof Top Dance Party complete with delicious burnt hot dogs.

One of the longest weeks of my recent life haha... and this is only the beginning...

::takes deep breath::


May 19, 2009

Roll 10: I'm in to it

R10 this was when, originally uploaded by shaunwilliamcallahan.

i was 4 shots into this roll and all i wanted to do was burn through the rest so i could see how they turned out haha... free irish coffee, secret gardens, renegades, that good kind of trouble, good times and great fun.

In the process of tryin to burn through i did get some other shots im happy about too. but yea unexpected gifts at unexpected times? Im in to it ;)

May 8, 2009

Renton, WA and Star Trek... reviewed.. sorta

why was i in Renton you ask??

well the good people at Intel and Helwett Packard gave me and some other kids a free pass to the new Star Trek.... which before i saw it i was thinkin Star Trek 90210.. and i figured renton couldnt be sooo bad.

but golly was i wrong. RENTON...
yep pretty terrible...
as bad as they say.


and i got shwag! haha

lots of other random stories

but im tired... long story short.

stay away from RENTON unless you need IKEA and burger king.


stands alone as a great action sci-fi movie
but has a lot of goodies for the trekkies
which i can say i minored as one in my youth with my mom
(star trek VHS box set, next gen, deep space 9, voyager whaaaat?!?)

engage! and make it so bitches

<3 shaunwilliamcallahan

PS tomorrow starts 4 days off in a row...
hey good people. youknowhowtoreachme

May 6, 2009

anoche / this morning

cinco de mayo was pretty much ridiculous.

favorite line heard of the night haha. get it girl

"hey, do you wanna be each others rebound?"

reallly hungover.

this is helping.


4 day weekend coming up...

much needed vacay


May 4, 2009

Happy Star Wars Day

May the 4th be with you

click here

<3 shaunwilliamcallahan

May 2, 2009

Roll 9: Corazon

R9 Best of Luck., originally uploaded by shaunwilliamcallahan.

was a really strange roll of film. first time i used shitty film "rite aid " brand 400ISO... definitely can feel the difference between certain films and ISOs now.

anyway a lot of random moments and events happened during the time it took me to kill this roll. lots of emotions were runnin through my mind at this time.

itll be a nice lil time capsule haha

as long as i get one good shot and or memory out of every roll i take ill be happy :)

<3 shaunwilliamcallahan

April 29, 2009

you gonna love my nuts

ugh. long story short

corazon no mas. jajaja

but this is tooo gooood

sooo goood


April 24, 2009


today was a balanced day for sure
regressed to old actions that i should have stayed away
the act makes me cringe now thinkin of it...
just more pages for the screenplay. haha. ugh.

oh and walking home 135 dollars in groceries.
a mere 1/2 mile.. is no easy task for sure

cue tank top weather and photowalk with kyle, nas and nick ..
pretty legit guys and fun... didnt take a lot of photos but
it was cool to see other photographer types do work

followed by surprisingly good hangouts with
a variety of my good peoples. it closed the night well
anyway.. tomorrow looks to be just as good.

gross.. im soooo deep right now..

let me try and balance this out too


April 23, 2009

instant smile

Spiderman is in town, originally uploaded by silviaN.

this is nerdtastic...

i dont even know how to explain how great i think this is haha

pretty sure if i ever move to a building with a blank concrete wall next to my window im gonna replicate this... seriously

<3 shaunwilliamcallahan

April 22, 2009

open letter to linsday lohan (guilt edit)

oh my dearest lindsay...

MEAN GIRLS still is one of my favourite movies of all time (seriously)

but giiiiiirl... time has not be kind to you.. or maybe it has been..
i mean youve survived a lot of crazy nonsense... mostly your fault.
but some you were probably the victim of the spotlight...

anyway... good to know your humor is still spot on :)

okay i feel a lil bad..
you just dont look like the lindsay that
i imagined you'd grow up tobe
yet i did just find these hot flix of you..

get it girl..

in unrelated news.. california.. i have a bone to pick with you.
since when does one week equal two weeks. pinche puta madre!


April 20, 2009

Open letter to Flo Rida

Flo Rida.... things must be going bad when your video looks like it was shot with a HD Flip Camera purchased from Best Buy and the boat in your video is smaller than Andy Sambergs (IM ON A BOAT!) oh and my name has been attached to words that end in "tion" and "sion" for years now... oh and that video for "You Spin Me Round" was weak too...

Flo-Rida ft Pleasure P - Shone HQ from Christopher Fernandez on Vimeo.

action vs actshone vs actshaun

satisfaction vs satisfacshone vs satisfacshaun

attraction vs attractshone vs attractshaun

collection vs collectshone vs collectshaun

passion vs passhone vs passhaun

when i say shone im talkin bout sex VS when shaun im talkin bout sex

haha oh and for my random readers... sorry for this post.. this is what happens when i fall asleep watching MTV... and my current affection err affecshaun has been gone for over a minute.

April 19, 2009

Roll 7 and 8 : Solo Sunny Photo Walk on First Hill

R7 not a taxi H, originally uploaded by shaunwilliamcallahan.

After a brief nose doctor apt in First Hill I hopped over to a Rite Aid and found some sweet deals on a bunch of film (clearance, buy one get one and etc etc). After returning home i realized the day was beautiful and i had no need for a jacket or to stay inside...

So i blew the dust off of my 50mm found and loaded up my first roll of 100ISO and tossed a 200ISO in my back pack. also decided to pull myself out of the downtown areas and Capitol Hill area i know too well and wandered back up to First Hill where i found some of my favourite photos to date...

April 17, 2009

you know i dont speak spanish

mi cuerpo está adolorido.
mi alma está sana.
gracias mi corazón

April 12, 2009

Roll 6: This and That

well rounded roll here. happy with a lot of the shots i found. sneaking into the construction going on in the building at my work, a quality breakfast for one and some different street art around downtown seattle. side note: finally figured out why im getting film wrinkles. the clutch on the bottom of my camera is a lil worn out and ive also been installing the film "kinda" wrong. practice practice and patience :)

PS I'm gettin closer to pullin the trigger on a DSLR purchase... been puttin my main focus into the Sony a350...


April 9, 2009

Pro Bowler 2010

a story ive told a thousand times. just maybe not here in seattle as much. but i really really like bowling. it was a ritual monday event in tucson for about two or three years. had my own ball and shoes. always wanted to join a league but never pulled the trigger on it.. but we did always joke that i should practice harder and turn pro.

once a friend even suggested these laughable sponsors:
pabts, converse, levis and american apparell (i know right?)

my top score at one point was 223.. and averaged around 180 - 200. i would need a slightly higher consistent average than that to compete in any real tournaments. ridiculous right...? but i still semi secretly wake up some mornings and put my TV on ESPN classic and watch old bowling games and occassional crave my old favourite drink, white russians.

i think thats all i may type on this at the moment.

so i leave you with this video

thats Chris Hardwick dad (you may remember Chris from "Singled Out" on MTV or Terminator 3 haha) is one of the tech industries leading modern reviewers of product. he currently makes regular appearances on one of my favourite shows Attack of the Show. i follow his blog a lil bit NERDIST... it truly is nerdtastic

anyway... time for breakfast.

-ShaunWilliamCallahan (Corazon)

April 8, 2009

Where Did You Go To (My Lovely)

so last night. crazy sleepy.
but had to go see about a girl.
bimbos, lindas, cha cha, havana,
back to lindas, back to havana,
back to cha. then west seattle?!

morning (saki made it blurry)

back to the hill. amazing weather.
love my new snappy flannel from
club monaco.. price. not so much.
cal anderson park for a minute
odd fellows AGAIN. SO GOOD


i was asked to play my guitar.
1st time playin in years like this...
made me think of the last time.
let down my guard for a minute.
almost passed out to Darjeeling.
laughs of devendra and portman


solo time. eggs, ham and bisquits
yes this is my epic evening snack
nerding out to the PS3 and here..
not gonna lie. really scared.
really excited. really tired.

i really need to "balance" this post out.

here take this!! haha

thanks for the photos Mo. V

okay.. back to the PS3..
maybe some hot tea

(new nickname last name)
(cause apparently im spanish)

April 4, 2009


R5 WAR , originally uploaded by shaunwilliamcallahan.

a mixture of things in this roll. visits from friends in AZ, random pics of my apt and neighborhood. plus my ongoing ANGRY thing i haven't quite figured out what i'm tryin to accomplish with. another roll down. half way through the next. see you soon.


work was so EPIC slow today. i literally sold nothing.
i am a manager so we aren't supposed to focus just on selling
but i usually pull in over a thousand by myself at least.
i had all my regular paperwork duties done early.. so honestly.

i fucked around all day. twitterd far too much.
and made tons of quotes no one got...

oh and i drew this at the sharpie display.

yep... Earth. Worm. Jim

one of the greatest original video games of all time.

if ya dont know... know you know.


April 3, 2009

my new best friends - BEAT IT

oh DAMN!

prepare to get your faces rocked off

the solo... is so... ILL


My Morning Monkey

so here it is. no apologies.

you are a monkey

you throw poop at anything other than yourself.

eat bananas for.... ammo.


enjoy? yes.

this is how i just spent thirty minutes of my morning haha.

time for breakfast :)