April 29, 2009

you gonna love my nuts

ugh. long story short

corazon no mas. jajaja

but this is tooo gooood

sooo goood


April 24, 2009


today was a balanced day for sure
regressed to old actions that i should have stayed away
the act makes me cringe now thinkin of it...
just more pages for the screenplay. haha. ugh.

oh and walking home 135 dollars in groceries.
a mere 1/2 mile.. is no easy task for sure

cue tank top weather and photowalk with kyle, nas and nick ..
pretty legit guys and fun... didnt take a lot of photos but
it was cool to see other photographer types do work

followed by surprisingly good hangouts with
a variety of my good peoples. it closed the night well
anyway.. tomorrow looks to be just as good.

gross.. im soooo deep right now..

let me try and balance this out too


April 23, 2009

instant smile

Spiderman is in town, originally uploaded by silviaN.

this is nerdtastic...

i dont even know how to explain how great i think this is haha

pretty sure if i ever move to a building with a blank concrete wall next to my window im gonna replicate this... seriously

<3 shaunwilliamcallahan

April 22, 2009

open letter to linsday lohan (guilt edit)

oh my dearest lindsay...

MEAN GIRLS still is one of my favourite movies of all time (seriously)

but giiiiiirl... time has not be kind to you.. or maybe it has been..
i mean youve survived a lot of crazy nonsense... mostly your fault.
but some you were probably the victim of the spotlight...

anyway... good to know your humor is still spot on :)

okay i feel a lil bad..
you just dont look like the lindsay that
i imagined you'd grow up tobe
yet i did just find these hot flix of you..

get it girl..

in unrelated news.. california.. i have a bone to pick with you.
since when does one week equal two weeks. pinche puta madre!


April 20, 2009

Open letter to Flo Rida

Flo Rida.... things must be going bad when your video looks like it was shot with a HD Flip Camera purchased from Best Buy and the boat in your video is smaller than Andy Sambergs (IM ON A BOAT!) oh and my name has been attached to words that end in "tion" and "sion" for years now... oh and that video for "You Spin Me Round" was weak too...

Flo-Rida ft Pleasure P - Shone HQ from Christopher Fernandez on Vimeo.

action vs actshone vs actshaun

satisfaction vs satisfacshone vs satisfacshaun

attraction vs attractshone vs attractshaun

collection vs collectshone vs collectshaun

passion vs passhone vs passhaun

when i say shone im talkin bout sex VS when shaun im talkin bout sex

haha oh and for my random readers... sorry for this post.. this is what happens when i fall asleep watching MTV... and my current affection err affecshaun has been gone for over a minute.

April 19, 2009

Roll 7 and 8 : Solo Sunny Photo Walk on First Hill

R7 not a taxi H, originally uploaded by shaunwilliamcallahan.

After a brief nose doctor apt in First Hill I hopped over to a Rite Aid and found some sweet deals on a bunch of film (clearance, buy one get one and etc etc). After returning home i realized the day was beautiful and i had no need for a jacket or to stay inside...

So i blew the dust off of my 50mm found and loaded up my first roll of 100ISO and tossed a 200ISO in my back pack. also decided to pull myself out of the downtown areas and Capitol Hill area i know too well and wandered back up to First Hill where i found some of my favourite photos to date...

April 17, 2009

you know i dont speak spanish

mi cuerpo está adolorido.
mi alma está sana.
gracias mi corazón

April 12, 2009

Roll 6: This and That

well rounded roll here. happy with a lot of the shots i found. sneaking into the construction going on in the building at my work, a quality breakfast for one and some different street art around downtown seattle. side note: finally figured out why im getting film wrinkles. the clutch on the bottom of my camera is a lil worn out and ive also been installing the film "kinda" wrong. practice practice and patience :)

PS I'm gettin closer to pullin the trigger on a DSLR purchase... been puttin my main focus into the Sony a350...


April 9, 2009

Pro Bowler 2010

a story ive told a thousand times. just maybe not here in seattle as much. but i really really like bowling. it was a ritual monday event in tucson for about two or three years. had my own ball and shoes. always wanted to join a league but never pulled the trigger on it.. but we did always joke that i should practice harder and turn pro.

once a friend even suggested these laughable sponsors:
pabts, converse, levis and american apparell (i know right?)

my top score at one point was 223.. and averaged around 180 - 200. i would need a slightly higher consistent average than that to compete in any real tournaments. ridiculous right...? but i still semi secretly wake up some mornings and put my TV on ESPN classic and watch old bowling games and occassional crave my old favourite drink, white russians.

i think thats all i may type on this at the moment.

so i leave you with this video

thats Chris Hardwick dad (you may remember Chris from "Singled Out" on MTV or Terminator 3 haha) is one of the tech industries leading modern reviewers of product. he currently makes regular appearances on one of my favourite shows Attack of the Show. i follow his blog a lil bit NERDIST... it truly is nerdtastic

anyway... time for breakfast.

-ShaunWilliamCallahan (Corazon)

April 8, 2009

Where Did You Go To (My Lovely)

so last night. crazy sleepy.
but had to go see about a girl.
bimbos, lindas, cha cha, havana,
back to lindas, back to havana,
back to cha. then west seattle?!

morning (saki made it blurry)

back to the hill. amazing weather.
love my new snappy flannel from
club monaco.. price. not so much.
cal anderson park for a minute
odd fellows AGAIN. SO GOOD


i was asked to play my guitar.
1st time playin in years like this...
made me think of the last time.
let down my guard for a minute.
almost passed out to Darjeeling.
laughs of devendra and portman


solo time. eggs, ham and bisquits
yes this is my epic evening snack
nerding out to the PS3 and here..
not gonna lie. really scared.
really excited. really tired.

i really need to "balance" this post out.

here take this!! haha

thanks for the photos Mo. V

okay.. back to the PS3..
maybe some hot tea

(new nickname last name)
(cause apparently im spanish)

April 4, 2009


R5 WAR , originally uploaded by shaunwilliamcallahan.

a mixture of things in this roll. visits from friends in AZ, random pics of my apt and neighborhood. plus my ongoing ANGRY thing i haven't quite figured out what i'm tryin to accomplish with. another roll down. half way through the next. see you soon.


work was so EPIC slow today. i literally sold nothing.
i am a manager so we aren't supposed to focus just on selling
but i usually pull in over a thousand by myself at least.
i had all my regular paperwork duties done early.. so honestly.

i fucked around all day. twitterd far too much.
and made tons of quotes no one got...

oh and i drew this at the sharpie display.

yep... Earth. Worm. Jim

one of the greatest original video games of all time.

if ya dont know... know you know.


April 3, 2009

my new best friends - BEAT IT

oh DAMN!

prepare to get your faces rocked off

the solo... is so... ILL


My Morning Monkey

so here it is. no apologies.

you are a monkey

you throw poop at anything other than yourself.

eat bananas for.... ammo.


enjoy? yes.

this is how i just spent thirty minutes of my morning haha.

time for breakfast :)

April 1, 2009



i just wanted to document that
i had a really good time last night.

seriously. bout damn time :)