March 29, 2009

random run-ons and fragments

events and thoughts from the last few days/hours.

in no particular order... i think.

been forcing myself to play my guitars more so i dont forget i can play them.
(learning a song would help i think.... make acoustic suggestions? yes/si/oui)

while burning through a roll of film today in the amazing
weather we had an older gentleman followed me into a
corner store to ask if i was takin pictures of graffiti. after
replying yes, he then almost forcefully suggested he contact
his random photography friend (of whose name i obviously
cant remember) and give him my name and someway of
contacting me.. i told him look up shaunwilliamcallahan on flickr.
then with a puzzled almost offended look admitted he didnt know
what that was and kept sayin shaunwilliams. haha
(i really hope he doesnt though... my photography skill still feels
very highschool... hoping by summer i will have some more confidence)

also saw mini cacti in the window of said corner store with price tags
on it. pointed at the one i wanted so i could have a bit of arizona in
my apt. she sadly replied they are not for sale. dammit.

im really conflicted on when i should visit tucson next...

2am-4am text messages are hilarious when read after waking up.

i watched Crossroads today... the ralph machio movie. not the britney spears
one. then proceeded to play acoustic blues for about an hour solid afterward.

annie laurie malarkey took my picture today.
a lot of laughs. talent. epic guitar solos in the
background and beastly things in my room haha.
i cant wait to take photos with and of her this
summer when she returns "indefinitely."

im wearing reading glasses right now...
yet i have pretty much perfect vision without them...
though the frames do help keep my massive amounts
of hair tamed a bit out of my eye.

im feel im becoming more selfish recently and more bold.
yet i look at both of these things in a positive way. but at
the same time these selfish acts have been seemingly making
the other people involved in the area happier too. its really quite odd.

whenever i feel my ego maybe gettin out of hand ive found a
few things to immediately put myself back in check.
ie: ask out girls i think would like me yet know will always say no
(most recently tysons former roommate jamie haha). also try
singin a song i know i dont have the voice for but try anyway.
play street fighter IV on hard or online until im tempted to
throw the controller into the tv. look at all the hugh grant
movies i own. view my credit card debt. take out my tooth. damn...

okay got a lil depressed typing that last one. yikes.

im in the best physical shape of my life and probably the healthiest too

i had the best time on the dance floor last night at lofi... seriously
i could have danced till 4am. and for all the hate Mad Rad has been
getting they totally killed it last night. i forgot how much fun it
is watchin those kids perform. its a goal of mine to catch their
shows more often. OH and DARWIN was in top form as well. no complaints.

ahh morgan van holt just popped up on the interwebs....
him and i need to catch up. we are about to gossip so much haha. yesssss

i cant decide if its really worth getting anything better than
the canon rebel xsi and puttin more money into the lenses i want.

ive decided im stayin in tonight just right now. the difficult question now is.

mean girls, (finally reaquired!)
the wackness (still havent watched it)
adult swim (classic standby)
crossroads (again)
episode IV (duh)
darjeeling limited (tooth humor)


this really is quite a terrible blog entry haha.


March 28, 2009

still on my brain

after sittin through two shitty depressing live bands

and one great one at blue moon tonight...

ive come to an already apparent conclusion by some...

im miss playin music with people

and i miss thinkin of one as opposed to many,

done annnnnnd done

<3 ShaunWilliamCallahan

March 26, 2009

daaaamn girl!

seriously all hot and bothered ...

(in my pants)

Ciara feat. Justin Timberlake from Nashima on Vimeo.

hottest video evur


PS annie is back in town for a few days...
im only slightly excited about this more.

March 24, 2009

peer pressure

so i reluctantly started tweeting.


March 22, 2009

Hey Ballard / Sunday Morning Cartoons

BALLARD. i thoroughly enjoy you every time i visit. we should hang out more. ski ball (undefeated), mex food, legit blues, rock and country shows, visuals and people similar to the old tucson in my early twenties... and the art walk which ive barely tasted..

anyway..... sundaymorningcartoons

in the style of shaunwilliamcalllahan

shell station on broadway and pike what?

hahaha i love this and i dont even have a mac... and i like spiderman

best quick death in a movie in forever

mmmm im bout to go get ridiculous good breakfast at attic in madison

the paul graham killed it for me hahaha

i used to be obsessed with everything whales... hearts

and after.... duh.

grumble grumble. hate that.

i recently watched all 3 robocop movies thanks to OnDemand via Comcast... when that guy gets dipped in the acid then gets ran over by the car...... dang. oh and robocop3, murphy gets a jet pack with wings haha.... (flashback humor)

i was terrible/i am terrible at all math except geometry

if you were payin attention im off to a legit breakfast at Attic in Madison... one of my favourite spots... annnnd carly works there too.. so goooood service. yay for pretty and pretty awesome friends. cant wait till summer rolls up.... ill be there everyday off and stumblin to the beach

summer where are you?


March 18, 2009


sooo after a roll of 800 i was really burnt out on all the grain but both of my closest camera shops were out of 400. yet... lucky me (sorta) found a really old roll of kodak 400 in a lost pocket of my camera bag. (side note: really need to clean that out)

anyway. not knowing how old the film really was but not wanting 800 again i took a chance and loaded it up.. lost a lot of really good shots. after getting them put on disc they all ended up still grainy annnnnd many had exposure issues and terrible contrast. sigh.

PLUS im really finding light is holding me by the balls right now too. i see great shots... hold up the camera and find i cant get the shot due to light. grumble grumble. a lot of these missed shots make me wish i had a DSLR so i could just crank up the ASA/ISO whatever and get the shot. but alas... not yet but soon. soon soon

(john belushi's SNL rant on the luck of the irish used to be here)

(but they deleted the video.... putas!)

March 15, 2009

lost time / i smell trouble

i some how just spent 45 mins to an hour here...
equally depressing as it is addictive.
apparently a pitch bender is on the way...

side note:

i have two visitors from tucson coming up tomorrow for one night and one day..
guess where we are going on monday night??
i hope i can keep up with them...


March 11, 2009

I'm reading...

page 137 of 280...

its fun.. then dark.. then feels like Tolkien
with tons of nerd/slacker stuff mixed in.
it even has spanish here and there.
starts in portland... i suggest it.

and im not even done yet.


March 10, 2009

too much day n night

i cant figure out if i love, hate or like this...

cause i liked the slower version and video...

Day 'n' Nite - Kid Cudi from DP on Vimeo.

yet these kids in TJ made me wanna learn to dance like this...

blah... anyway.. off to the daily grind.


March 8, 2009

MVH.... in morgan we trust.

its your birthday Morgan V.
Happy Birthday Champ

annnnd for those of yall that dont know
here is his band

just found this awesome silly video they made hahaha
(clicked and added to favorites)

i need to plan a tucson trip...
before it gets too hot


March 7, 2009

too much entertainment

i drank too many greyhounds last night..
or maybe is was that one shot i dont remember what its called
annnd that other shot of jager and red bull from Eduardo
which i denied calling it by its bomber name


yep i just posted a pic containing a cupcake and the word FAIL

followed then by a kitten pic.

this is the diary of a man hungover.



March 4, 2009

Two and Three Rolled up.

i finally got around to knockin out some film. the second roll (400) was kinda tough cause the light meter was buggin out half the roll. the third (800) was a lot of fun just takin a lot of random pics through out my day off, yet some crazy business went down when i rolled it back.. a bit too tight..

i have some funny quotes i should type up and some other news to deliver.. but i'm a bit too side tracked with hunger right now...

stay tuned...