September 3, 2010


Good friend and favorite nemesis Patrick Richardson Wright found this...

I really really like it.

in other news... some other things are not perfect... but dammit they sure are nice.

hearts and knuckle push up


August 24, 2010

MY DESIGN: The Tallest Man on Earth

been quite a long time since i've posted it seems...

for awhile there i didnt have a whole lot of time for fairly big names or semi complex designs..

anyway... started sketching a lot more.. even went to a sketch club last night started by lovely friend Kate Bailey of FreeTime Industries...

lets hope that goes well..

as for other things...

maybe another time... when we are both cats

<3 SWC

June 24, 2010

MY DESIGN: Neumos Beach Party!

this was my first crack at re-imagining or re-designing an old movie poster for a different design. seen plenty of other chaps do it before with some success. i had fun seeing this one done. i had only 8 some odd hours to get it done too. (grinDING)

also this is the first poster that i know of that has been printed in a weekly. specifically Seattle's "The Stranger" in which it was orinted full color 1/4 of the page. I'm pretty stoked on that considering my newspaper layout background... not cheap. thanks Neumos :)

hearts and such


June 20, 2010

MY DESIGN: Father's Day / #SWCprotip

I'd have to say the bulk of my #SWCprotips definitely came from life lessons learned from mi padre KevinWilliamCallahan. much love to you good sir. wish we could have shared multiple beers on the back porch today.

your son,


June 1, 2010

Photography: KJ Payback

A lil over a year ago one of my favorite photographers and good friend, Kyle Johnson, snagged a portrait of me at Linda's at this very same table.

after a pretty rough night/day for me, Kyle invited me out for a whiskey and photos. which helped more than anything else had that day.

did my best to snag a portrait in return

cheers KJ.

es duble u si

May 26, 2010

MY DESIGN: MATMOS @ The Triple Door. 6/17/10

My newest poster design and first time workin with The Triple Door. (grinDING)

i plan to have this whole city blanketed with my designs soon enough

(evil villian laugh)

(awkward silence)

(i need coffee)


May 20, 2010

SLOG: Flickr Photo of the Day

Deer Head, originally uploaded by shaunwilliamcallahan.

nice lil surprise i stumbled upon...





May 12, 2010

MY DESIGN: TORTOISE (with my basic design history)

one of those posters again where i was just kinda learning as i went along...

not sure if i've mentioned yet but i'm pretty much self taught. once upon a time i did some BASIC page layout in quark and indesign where i had to make the occasional sales ad space filler or layout the A&E section i was the editor of in a small college newspaper... (PCC) (2003 - 2005?)

back in Tucson,AZ i had made friends with Matt McCoy (DJ/ Graphic Designer) and was always watching and admiring his poster designs wishing i knew how to make them... (2006 - 2007) ( to see some of his stuff)

about 2.4 years ago i moved here to Seattle and with in a month or two i had made friends with Josh (Tigerbeat) and possibly bluffed that i knew..... errr or as my ego may have said back then "hustled" that i knew how to make basic posters... he called my bluff as josh usually does haha... but for whatever reason let me try anyway. (2008)

looking back at my first few tries now hurts my eyes and heart... but kept tryin. kept "husltin." kept "grinDING." eventually got smart and bought a book on photoshop/illustrator and started looking to McCoy and other designer blogs/websites

after that winter i had grown a lot as a designer/promoter/blah blah.. but sparing the details Josh and I stopped workin together yet have remained good friends and he now has a rad designer for all his stuff (wish i remembered the guys name... he seriously kills it)

flash forward to late 2009/now. thanks to a lil faith and good word from friend Blair (bar manager at Neumos) i was asked to do some posters for Neumos through "Market Mistress" Alicia.

since then i've been tryin to step up my game, keep my style fresh and increase my design knowledge. so far i've done calendars, business cards, posters, hand bills and even some ghetto invoice designs haha.

been blessed with this opportunity and plan to take it as far as i can.

wow this turned out to be really long..

thanks for reading and all your support.
(ya'll know who you are.. no more name drops)

hearts and push ups


May 11, 2010

MY DESIGN: Mother's Day & Birthday

thanks to Mom i think found a new calling! Greeting Card Designs haha. Just like Tom in (500)Days of Summer.... good grief

best mom ever though... seriously.


May 8, 2010

Music: Buke & Gass

So rarely find music or get excited about new stuff. this is not because i dont love music. but with a past in music journalism that left a bitter taste in my mouth, i tend not to look into the whole scene this much these days...

but on occasion i stumble onto stuff that makes me really happy i did. yesterday, after scrolling pass the article and podcast tons of time, i found Buke & Gass on (my favourite podcast place ever... next to

anyway... here is a link.


May 4, 2010

MY DESIGN: My Goodness, Salmon Thrasher. May 9th

quick lil flyer i did for for My Goodness with Salmon Thrasher. two really great local seattle ROCK bands. check em out digitally or at this free show.


May 3, 2010



i'm slackin.

all is well.


k bye


April 14, 2010

for once...

for once..., originally uploaded by shaunwilliamcallahan.

bored. never just played with text, texture and patterns before. i think i might try it more in the future with more care. this only took me 15 minutes or so....

in other news... i really dont know what to think.

feels like a slightly scrambled version of the last to stories in the screen play.... yet this time...

im not wanting to bounce back...

blah blah blog


well, back to oval seven

this will do....


April 12, 2010

SWC and Nerdist

I havent laughed that hard in a long time.

Chris Hardwick of Wired Magazine, G4TV, Attack of the Show, Web Soup and played a comedy show at Showbox April 10th.

Epic Nerd humor on sooo many levels....

Chris was a super nice guy too and after seeing him sign someones iPhone I thought I'd step it up and have him sign my Casio Calculator watch. Turns out he has the same watch too. haha.


April 6, 2010


STARFUCKER, originally uploaded by shaunwilliamcallahan.

For how simple this looks I probably learned the most so far this year from this design. With Starfucker as a band name I was overwhelmed with ideas. too many ideas in fact.

So I decided to go out for a walk around my city one night and see what else was posted out there and then try and build on that while also providing something different than what was out there and expected.

My two main inspirations came from a random mini van I found with one of those Family decals on the back of their window. Dad, Mom, Son, Daughter, Baby haha etc etc.

The other came from ( my friend Greg aka Radjaw from Mad Rad/Fresh Espresso. A few months back he had hand drawn cartoons of his band, champagne champagne, and Mash Hall (They Live! at the time)

Thought I would toss those two in a blender and then do my best to take the style/clothes I saw of Starfucker in some press photos

This is what I cam up with...

hope ya'll like..

see you at the show.



March 30, 2010

Been using different search engines today..

soo i have a new poster assignment...

therefore been doing a lot of image searching and its funny how much better ive become at finding images i want... annnnd what search engines to use to get them


reminded me off this screen image thingy by Kevin Pereira (@kpereira) (one of my favorite interweb/cable TV personalities)

thats all.


PS i need a nap

March 5, 2010

Roll 24: Fin?

Signed. Sealed. Delivered... 24 rolls of film shot through my Canon AE-1. I've come a long way in this one year since getting the Canon back in my hands after six years of dust was wiped clean from the camera and my knowledge. Some shots I'm really proud of, some others not so much haha.

Yet with over 300 shots I've definitely learned a lot and met some great people who have not only inspired me to grow with my photography but have also taken the time to educate me a long the way as well.

I still have penciled in plans of printing my 12 favorite shots from these 24 rolls of film in hopes a cafe or gallery would be kind enough to hang them on their walls.

again thanks to all who have commented, clicked favorite/like and gone with me on all the countless photowalks. You're all great people and cant wait to make more photos with you in 2010.



March 2, 2010

Roll 23: Closer

Just a few days passed Valentines Day I was in a wee bit better than normal which is always surprising because that particular Holiday hasn't always been soo kind to me in my days in Tucson...

Regardless of the lessons learned in the past I've definitely noticed that in general I am much more pleased with my photography when I'm in better moods. Which cant be said about all my other creative ventures for sure haha.

The momentum caught with this roll carried me quickly with confidence into Roll 24.



Roll 22: FRINGE

Saint Cherry R22, originally uploaded by shaunwilliamcallahan.

Being on the fringe? There have been a few number of times in my life where I have felt on the fringe of change. Be it life, occupation, creativity.

This is one of those times where all three feel as if they are at my door. As far as my photography goes this roll was where I had reached my original goal of 22 rolls in one year since I having my 6 years dusty Canon AE-1 and accessories sent up. I decided to up my goal to a solid 24... which you'll soon see.


February 16, 2010


private drive R21, originally uploaded by shaunwilliamcallahan.

the title of this roll is to pay homage to my friend from Tucson, AZ now living in San Francisco. He just released his 3rd EP called Raleigh's Own (free to download). I was Listening to it the whole time I edited this roll and right now as i type this. His lyrics always tend to hit me the hardest because they are just solid and honest and seem to hit my core somber thoughts and life theme.

anyway just a few pics. tryin to find some more motivation for pics. gettin close to the goal of 22/24 rolls in one year.

wish me luck?



February 12, 2010

My Design: The Big Pink

this was some what inspired by one of my favorite designers Olly Moss ( and The Big Pink's song "these girls fall like dominoes"

i liked how this all turned out. i originally had a different idea but then again i was limited to what high resolution pics i could find on the interwebs; which were lame or just non existent.

but as usual.. im always up for a challenge ;)


February 8, 2010

Roll 20: Time & Space

So every Thursday I have early Manager meetings at work. When these first started I hated them. Yet now I've turned them in to a positive use of time.

Instead of just heading back up to my apartment I've been exploring my city in its morning form, a truly different creature. I also found a way to let the city takes me where it wants. I've been letting the crosswalk lights let me decide me which path to go.. This Particular roll took me down to Belltown mainly where I found a couple new coffee shops I may hit up for wall space since my first picked spot isn't available in time.

Annnnnd as far as the photos go I took a primary focus on using more dead space or voids in the shots. something that I think with these particular ones would really only work well in a larger format...

Anyway... i haven't had any coffee yet and I'm in more necklace/music making mood right now.



February 6, 2010

I wish this was my photo.

Terra_Wall, originally uploaded by kjten22.

once upon a time in my home town Tucson i over heard a friend kinda bitch about me a lil and said "damn shaun and his collection of awesomeness"

and well i think in the context he was stating it was negative. but i remembered it for some reason when i saw this photo by my good friend Kyle Johnson (

i've been lucky enough to get great and talented friends around here that help inspire me in all creative things i like to dabble in. this photo in particular really makes me wanna work on some more portraits of people... (especially gorgeous models like this)

yet i hate the planning of it all since im just doing it for expression and fun.. my best portrait thus far was even shot from the hip. haha.

anyway.. rambling now. been a non stop couple of days and having fun with my collection of seattle awesomes

and im off tonight to freemont.. scary.

next week. i pray for sun for photos, jewelry makin, book reading and guitar/keyboard amp buying


February 1, 2010

best DJ poster ever / yes i will. yes i will

i hope to someday be this awesome (click for original post and bigger image)

here is the text haha

"*Naaaaaaah M8! Seriously! It was fuckin wicked!!
The shittest Djs playing some of the most meaningless music you ever heard in your life!
Grown men wandering around aimlessly like new-born babys!
DJ Fuck-It dropped 400 BPM’s of ‘toxic-lizard-shit’
and I screamed ‘FREEDOM!!’. There was piss and sick all over the toilet cubicles.
We snorted a line and met in the middle like in Lady and the Tramp,
then I said ‘Fuck Gordon Brown!’ and we both laughed. ‘
I love you’ I said. ‘I love you’ she said.
We hugged and she threw up on my dreadlocks.
It was beautiful!"

also if you dont want to be productive

go to

i had to fight to pull away...

today i will be productive. yes i will. yes i will


January 25, 2010

Roll 19: Reflecshauns

My first Canon AE-1 roll of 2010. In the last few weeks I've been doing my best to stick to a variety of New Years Resolutions. The bulk of which have been joke with amongst friends as being a Better Man in 2010.

You can't improve yourself to you see what needs improving. To save other topics for elsewhere, my creativity has never been dormant but I feel that until recently I have been neglecting bringing it to fruition. So this roll was spent documenting myself and my recent creative ventures ie: getting back into poster design, experimenting with necklace/jewelry making and pushing forward towards a photoshow as early as March or April.

I'd cross my fingers but they are too busy doing stuff!!

much love/respect to the friends who have been supportive!



January 23, 2010

Yet another creative adventure beginning

I've recently been inspired to take a stab at creating my own chain/leather necklaces and other accessory pieces. thanks to my lovely and talented friends at and my newest friend/helper Meghann at

I've been tired of waiting for somebody to make what I wanted haha... so I'm just gonna make it myself. Look for newer/improved designs soon annnnd depending on some hook ups from Tucson some stuff for ladies too.

might have it under the name One(III)... maybe.


ShaunWilliamCallahan (III)

Well hello there Yashica T

So on a random day off i rolled out to Renton, WA with my good friend Nasir. We did a lil thrift shopping and a lil gentlemen conversing. While on our last stop I was lucky enough to find a lil gem of a camera, a Yashica T.

This image links to my first two test rolls where I tested the limits of its focal range and light sensitivity. AKA I just ran around and pointed it at whatever haha

looks for better and more Rolls soon.. but I gotta knock out more Canon rolls soon.



January 10, 2010


Been a hell of a year and I'm only ten days in. Right before the end of the year I had, for lack of better words, a true break down. Lucky for me it came in stages and I had some damn good friends by my side. Though some of them actually contributed to the break down haha..

Anyway... its a new year yet not a new me. I'll sum it up roughly by saying I'm not gonna reinvent the wheel, but I am looking to refine it.

Simple basic changes that you stick to can do wonders..

Also website articles help too ;)


The "Secret" to Becoming a Better Man in 2010

It’s a new year, a time for both gazing into the future and reflecting on the past. As you look back on the last year, how do you feel about the way it went? Do you have the sinking feeling that you are in the same place mentally/professionally/romantically/spiritually that you were 12 months ago? That the only thing that’s changed is the date on the calendar?

There are always a lot of tips given out this time of year about how to make and keep resolutions and make the next year better than the last.

But I have only one “secret” to impart: discipline. It is the key to unlocking your potential and finally moving forward with your life.

The reason you still haven’t finished that book you started last January but have spent several hours surfing the internet every day? A lack of discipline. The reason that you want to propose to your girlfriend or have kids but keep holding back? You’re afraid you don’t have the discipline to be successful at those endeavors. The reason you’re still just as fat as last time you ate that cream puff before making a new resolution? A lack of discipline. The reason you haven’t made any progress on starting that side business, and your house is a dump, and you feel like your life is slipping away? No discipline!

Discipline is essentially the ability to put off what we want in the moment for what we want in the long run. By now, almost everyone is familiar with the famous marshmallow experiment run by Dr. Walter Mischel. Four year old children were each given one marshmallow. They could either eat the marshmallow immediately, or, if they waited 15 minutes for the lab assistant to return, receive another marshmallow, thus doubling their prize. The kids who were able to wait generally went on to become successful and well adjusted adults, while the kids who gobbled the first marshmallow had more trouble dealing with stress, frustration, and impulse control.

We all probably imagine ourselves as the kid who would have waited for the second marshmallow. And maybe you would have. But even the most disciplined among us have areas in our lives where we’re failing. Areas where we’re just middling by and it’s absolutely eating at us, knowing how much potential we have and how we’re not utilizing it.

Everyone wants a secret or hack on how to be more disciplined. But there isn’t one. It is simply a matter of training your mind to do what you want it to do. Of saying a resounding “No!” to the things that waste your life and your time. You decide what you really want out of life and you go for it. That’s it.

But here are some thing to think over to help your frame of mind, for as Dr. Mischel says, “We can’t control the world, but we can control how we think about it.”

Stop thinking of your “flaw” as part of your identity. Part of why it’s hard to make changes in our lives, why we find ourselves unsuccessful in changing our habits, is that we rationalize our weaknesses as simply part of “who we are.” We assuage our guilt but adopting them as part of our identity, as part of our shtick.

We’re the jolly fat guy who makes self-deprecating jokes and amazes people with how many slices of pizza he can wolf down. We’re the funny drunk who always gets totally plastered and cracks everyone up with our antics. We’re a night owl, dammit! That’s how we roll, burning the midnight oil! We’re the player, not because we can’t keep a girlfriend but just because we crush a lot!

We do so much rationalizing that it can be downright painful to change; we feel like we’re losing a part of ourselves. Maybe our habits aren’t making us happy, but at least they give us the stability of an identity, the comfort of routine. What happens when the fat guy slims down and the drunk gets sober? Who are we then?

When it’s time to shape up your life, it’s crucial to replace your old identity with a new one; it’s the same concept that applies to changing your habits. Instead of being the jolly fat guy, become the super fit, former fat guy who loves being active. Instead of being a playah, become known as the guy women would love to date, a true gentleman.

Stop being haunted by the ghost of your mom. Whenever part of you wants to become more disciplined, another part of you cries out, “We don’t have to follow anybody’s rules! Nobody puts baby in the corner!” Your mind often identifies this voice as your inner-rebel, the part of you that feels an affinity for James Dean. This voice flatters your identity. You’re not lazy, you’re a rebel!

But the voice is really your eight your old self. And he’s crying out against mom’s rules.

Whenever a man first leaves home, he begins to test his boundaries; away from his parents’ prying eyes, he is enamored with his new found freedom. Many men, like myself, saw their grade point averages bottom out during freshman year of college for this very reason.

This is actually a healthy process (provided you don’t flunk out or get a girl pregnant or something). Part of growing up is exploring and breaking your old rules and finding out how you want to live your life. At first you want to eat the whole jar of cookies because you can! No one can stop you! But there has to come a point where you say, you know, eating the whole jar of cookies makes me sick; it makes me feel like crap. It’s the place where you stop doing stuff just because you can, and start living the way you know is actually best for you and will make you happiest. Mom’s not looking over your shoulder anymore. You are in control of your life, and you don’t have to prove anything to anyone but yourself.

Freedom is not the end all be all. The voice in our head that likes to derail our efforts at discipline loves to wave the grand flag of freedom in our faces. You can choose to do whatever you’d like-that’s the ultimate in freedom! You can sleep in until noon, and surf the internet instead of cleaning up, and stay out late instead of studying. Why would you want to reign yourself in with a schedule or goals?

What the freedom voice neglects to tell you is this: while everyone has the freedom to choose, you can’t choose the consequences of those choices. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. There’s no use fighting against the laws of the universe.

The only reward of unchecked freedom is freedom itself. So you spent the day doing what you want-surfing the net in your underwear-what do you have to show for it despite an extensive knowledge of how the next Batman flick is coming along? Without the feeling of personal progress and the satisfaction of real, hard-earned achievements, freedom alone feels completely empty.

Fix your core values first. Let’s say one of your core values is family. And let’s say you’re trying to lose weight while the relationship with your wife is crap. What do you think the odds are of your success? Pretty dang low.

Think of your life like a stack of cups. Your core values are the cups on the bottom, your foundation. What if one of the bottom cups is removed or is missing? The rest of the cups will fall. If you want to be successful in tackling other areas of your life, you’ve got to build on a rock solid bedrock of core values. It’s just like building a house. You can’t put in the jacuzzi before you’ve built the foundation.

Train your discipline like you train your body. Your self-discipline is just like the muscles in your body. When you first start working out, you’ll find that there’s a maximum weight you can bench press. You can try piling more weight on the bar, but it will just crush you. That’s your baseline strength. As you regularly work out and incrementally add more weight, your baseline strength will increase and you’ll be able to lift more weight and do more reps.

Your self-discipline works in the exact same way. Right now you have a limited amount of self-discipline available to you. If you spend it on one thing, you have less to spend on other stuff. If you use your willpower in controlling your diet, you’ll find it harder to reign in your spending. But as you keep flexing your willpower in an area, your self-control will expand and you’ll have more strength to discipline the other areas of your life as well. So don’t take on too much at once. Pick an area of your life where you want to exercise more discipline and work on it until your self-discipline grows and you gain the self-control to take on more and more challenges.