June 29, 2009


already kinda tipsy and i havent even slipped on my shorts yet..

but the passed few days of this vacashaun have been amazing..

tonights gonna be epic... hope i make it through all of it.

loves to everyone


June 24, 2009

Roll 12: Momentary Loss of FOCUS

This was a bit of a tough roll. Nose surgery (again), a couple punches to the ego, lack of inspirashaun and focus caused me to lose a few shots to poor picture takin and also just not wanting to shoot.

BUT!!! Focus is back now inspiration is on HIGH!! I'm about 7 shots into Roll 13. So please enjoy what I was able to squeeze and edit out of this roll and stick around for my next coming soon


shaunwilliamcallahan (III)

June 13, 2009


ive never had the best luck on timing.
(i dont feel like diving into details)

yet could go way back to the monkey bar days if i had too...


right as i was about to go to bed after having a really miserable day
and not feeling so great about some other lil life things...
a friend messaged me with this link.


"God. Damn. It.

I have the biggest effing crush on you. You're the cutest, most hilarious, creative boy I've seen in a long time. And you don't even know I exist.

I just want to get to know you - without seeming like a total creeper."

whoever you are you had perfect timing.
ive never got a missed connection before.


June 5, 2009

Open Letter to White Male Cab Drivers in Seattle

you guys are the best... especially yall in the Yellow Cabs.

i haven't had too many bitter solo cabs rides back to Capitol Hill... or from there either. but when i do you guys are always there like an older brother or father to let me vent about fucked up shit and or boost my self esteem when its in jeopardy... this particular instant is in no way related to my last two entries so that we are clear. different characters in my screen play entirely ((for those who are keeping track haha))

now granted i said "white" this does not mean all other male cab driver suck. completely the opposite. they just provide a different service heh. i will never forget the cab ride home from the mansion where the cab driver himself ranted about "bitches" and gettin his dick sucked... then proceeded to sing along to BoyzIIMen on his radio while i laughed hysterically in the back and eventually began to sing along with him when Blackstreet came on... true story.

anyway... to bring it back to focus. all my intentions were honorable last night (which in said company admitingly has sometimes not been the case) and i ended up gettin burned. damn.. really felt like sophomore year all over again ((flashback humor)) and the cab guy totally came through and perked me up enough to continue the night.... though he should have taken me back to my apartment. ha.

thanks white male cab drivers in seattle. keep up the good work.


June 3, 2009

that last one

was silly.
i felt sooo relaxed yesterday.
great breakfast/walk and catch ups with Carly
and one of my favourites, Moochie, called me from AZ
and we talked for about an hour. love her.
then greens and beach all day with Annie Laurie and rotating guests.
followed up by bloody marys at Honors family mansion
and an awkward walk (of shame) home in just AA swimtrunks haha
(old men kept giving me look backs in there sedans and sports cars)

anyway... its a new day


June 1, 2009

Dont speak.... i know.

that went a bit too easy...
like i literally stopped her from talkin and completed the monologue for her hahaha...
honestly. she's a great girl...
and we gonna be great either way

i knew what i was gettin into.
she just didnt realize i knew .

as it always is...
time just aint on our side.

"this too shall pass"


hand half shaped as a heart. if you ever see this.
he'll be lucky when he finds you