October 29, 2009

Roll 15: There's No Place Like Home

I went down to my home city of Tucson, AZ for 10 days for a cheap vacashaun and to see a friend ive know since before he could walk get married.

While in the (520) i found my self reconnecting with old friends and new more than i ever would have expected. sooo much that i kept forgetting to pull out my camera. (special mention to all the stupid cars that kept getting in the way of great shots i missed... jerks)

what i'll never forget is the great times i had with my parents and the great people i hope to keep connected with for the rest of my life...

ill always have times to get more pictures there later (look for a few shots to be in Roll 16 which is not quite finished yet)


October 4, 2009

520 Vacashaun

or vacation rather...

sooo im in tucson,az till the 13th (my birth city). it has been a year and a few months since ive been here. it feels like its been a decade. i forgot how brown it is flying in over the multi level mansions in the mountains and the double wide mobile homes with above ground pools.

at first glance i cant imagine how i once called this place home.

until i saw my mom at the airport.
then my dad when we got home
ive missed my parents soo much its ridiculous
annnnd my cat max haha

oh annnnd damn i forgot i know some great people here. last night i got to catch up with a few of my favorites Hank, Corybike, Mark, Sabrina , GRILL's Karlin and Sabrina...

soooo many more greats i have to try and connect with and somehow trick to come back to seattle with me.

anyway. time to make brunch and watch some football with my padre and then go hunt down some film for my Canon AE-1.

much love interwebs,