June 24, 2010

MY DESIGN: Neumos Beach Party!

this was my first crack at re-imagining or re-designing an old movie poster for a different design. seen plenty of other chaps do it before with some success. i had fun seeing this one done. i had only 8 some odd hours to get it done too. (grinDING)

also this is the first poster that i know of that has been printed in a weekly. specifically Seattle's "The Stranger" in which it was orinted full color 1/4 of the page. I'm pretty stoked on that considering my newspaper layout background... not cheap. thanks Neumos :)

hearts and such


June 20, 2010

MY DESIGN: Father's Day / #SWCprotip

I'd have to say the bulk of my #SWCprotips definitely came from life lessons learned from mi padre KevinWilliamCallahan. much love to you good sir. wish we could have shared multiple beers on the back porch today.

your son,


June 1, 2010

Photography: KJ Payback

A lil over a year ago one of my favorite photographers and good friend, Kyle Johnson, snagged a portrait of me at Linda's at this very same table. www.flickr.com/photos/kjten22/3422774810

after a pretty rough night/day for me, Kyle invited me out for a whiskey and photos. which helped more than anything else had that day.

did my best to snag a portrait in return

cheers KJ.

es duble u si