February 28, 2009


wow.... interesting feelin right now.

actually kinda home sick.

Saturday nights have been gross here recently. actually kinda glad i have to work at 7am tomorrow.. it forces me to stay in and not try to forget the over crowded bars of weekend warriors, Northface jackets, Budweiser bottles and Canon Rebel flashes going off everywhere being used like pocket "myyyspace" default cameras haha. (bitter much?)

if i could afford it id fly down every saturday
and hang out with my old friends here..
McCoy, DWTRN, and E_rupt.

yet during the week itd be nice if you could..
dan shipiro you son of a bitch!

k. thanks.

PS i need to rep that shirt up here... seriously haha.

February 27, 2009

drip.... drip... drip...

received a major bitch slap from the karma gods today.
(i may choose to elaborate on this more... but not at the moment.)

well i guess ive been warned here and there recently...
but today was enough to knock me on my ass.

im gonna start listening to my heart more again...

cause ive come to the conclusion that right now...
my gut /penis has shit for brains.

le sigh

February 25, 2009

a cat rack?

okay so i am beyond a lil dorky happy right now.

one of the first friends i made up here "Ryan" is back in town for the week and we just got done having grub at lindas. so yeah our conversations are always so random haha. we talked about everything from opera on a serious level with his old roommate.... to how he thought a tranny was a solution to one problem when i thought a chalkboard was a better solution. haha

anyway. here is a lil blip from our conversation while we were waitin for his ride outside said bar.

randomly talkin about old work stuff.
(cue weird guy coming out of lindas)

weird guy: hey do any of you own cats?

me: like the broadway musical? like have i seen it and own it now?

weird guy: (the most obsurd look on his face and just starts walkin away)

ryan: dont worry bout it man. i got that on laserdisc. laaaser diisc! hey! hey! seriously laser disc.

me: oh damn i was being serious i thought he really was talkin about the smash hit broadway musical. how sad is that.

ryan: yeah man we dont even own cats so its all good.

me: true that. i dont even own A cat let alone many cats. (set up)

ryan: i dont own A cat either let alone many cats to necessitate A cat rack..

(at this point we are both laughin to tears... guess you'd just have to be there and/or think waynes world is one of the greatest movies of all time)

me: hahahaha stop youre giving me a headache.

ryan: (gestures) here try these

me: wow.. little. yellow. different. nuprin.

hahahaha.. so ryan while running into use the bathroom cause weve been laughin too hard says

ryan: hey look for katie to show up.. she drives a volvo!

me: ryan! we are on capitol hill all indie girls with big black framed glasses and dark hair drive volvos you ass!.

okay.. so im probably the only one. annnnd him who would be reading this and laughin my ass off. i miss this guy. also we got in a big discussion about how we would fuckin kill at trivia because of all our random knowledge in terribly good and bad movies like "teen witch" " loverboy" "starship troopers" and "the one" .... ryan. move back.

oh and this is my blog. but i will be good and post something random for you.

like the best award acceptance speech in my life time

that is all for now.

-my full name

February 24, 2009


go here. have fun.


you. are. welcome.

one of the up coming levels.... Arizona. haha


February 23, 2009

there is always room for it

sooo on Comcasts On Demand they have 118 min special right now with old school Bill Cosby... if you dont know this is some golden straight up funny shit. interweb it if you dont have cable.


so tonight was another night of balance.

full of good talks with one of my two favorite female friends and funny 'guy talk" with some newer friends of mine which delivered a pretty silly quote for the night....


and to save details... for the first time in years i actually was called an "asshole" which was just sooo confusing. everybody is entitled to an opinion but i hope the line was just influenced by the bar atmosphere drama and not entirely a true feeling. if so, oh well. nobody is perfect.

anyway. cosby was hilarious. yet whatever biological clock i had has been shut off because of it haha...

oh and i found these on the net while tryin to find a silly pic of thigh high socks.



"one handed typing" was definitely used in a sentence tonight haha

accidental art is the best.

itd be nice to some day be this good at design.

seen a few pieces by this guy before. perfect

for how late it is i still wish i had some fried chicken right now...
i may have to settle for the baby carrots in my fridge

the whole open shirt/cardigan thing in girl pics just kills me right now. that and cute bangs. sigh

second photo i found of this girl and set up.... the placement of her and the picture has been spot on in both so you can still get the flesh tone in her face.. ugh. plus its just so. damn. beautiful.

damn its late.... or really early? i should not have taken that 4 hour nap at 3PM..


February 22, 2009

good start / bad start

start the day with this.

because i started the day with this.

my sunday monthly manager meeting at 7AM. fuck.

February 20, 2009

productive day... kinda

okay. i was borderline sick. or i guess kinda am. a strange act was a catalyst that pretty much floored me. to where i was aching everywhere and felt weak. but lucky me i guess. i had today off to rest up and get better.

did some design work for the captothehill kids (which we lead to other news and posts later)

and while searchin the net for inspiration, humor, and sexy things i realized i need to go shoot another roll or 3 haha. hopefully which will happen tomorrow.

so ya. here is some of what i found on the interweb today.

no really 'there can be only one'

whats a blog without the occasional zombie post?

computer cred and craftsmanship cred.
wood annnnnnd electronics. word.

desert clouds just look different...
i dont even have to know where this is from

fuck yo couch *****

the girl in two photos above... ive never met.
but thanks to flickr i now have a terrible crush on. sigh

hopefully robot chicken will make this into a short soon.

jacks words coming out of my mouth. check.

after bathing in flickr all day all i wanna do tomorrow is take photos. hopefully i can get some of my talented friends to let me shadow them tomorrow. yet i just got paid. i need to go grocery shopping and as always do some laundry (my most annoyin task).


k bye

February 17, 2009



in other non related news.
i have been staring at a stack of dirty dishes
and a pile of clean clothes
since i got off work.

all i wanna do is lounge
no i did not fight this bear.



February 14, 2009

Bitter / Sweet

still a lil grumpy.

so on top of valentines day it was also inventory at work today..
i mean really? seriously? what ya got next for me life?
bring it bitch.

Untitled from Adrian Bryant on Vimeo.

on a sweeter note. at this time last year i met a lot of great people. some of which have become good friends and some of my favorite people out here. i gonna try my best to stay home tonight. but more than likely i will end up out, and eventually at MOE with blair and josh on the wheels of steel tryin to dance off my funk.