April 14, 2010

for once...

for once..., originally uploaded by shaunwilliamcallahan.

bored. never just played with text, texture and patterns before. i think i might try it more in the future with more care. this only took me 15 minutes or so....

in other news... i really dont know what to think.

feels like a slightly scrambled version of the last to stories in the screen play.... yet this time...

im not wanting to bounce back...

blah blah blog


well, back to oval seven

this will do....


April 12, 2010

SWC and Nerdist

I havent laughed that hard in a long time.

Chris Hardwick of Wired Magazine, G4TV, Attack of the Show, Web Soup and Nerdist.com played a comedy show at Showbox April 10th.

Epic Nerd humor on sooo many levels....

Chris was a super nice guy too and after seeing him sign someones iPhone I thought I'd step it up and have him sign my Casio Calculator watch. Turns out he has the same watch too. haha.


April 6, 2010


STARFUCKER, originally uploaded by shaunwilliamcallahan.

For how simple this looks I probably learned the most so far this year from this design. With Starfucker as a band name I was overwhelmed with ideas. too many ideas in fact.

So I decided to go out for a walk around my city one night and see what else was posted out there and then try and build on that while also providing something different than what was out there and expected.

My two main inspirations came from a random mini van I found with one of those Family decals on the back of their window. Dad, Mom, Son, Daughter, Baby haha etc etc.

The other came from (http://outforstardom.blogspot.com) my friend Greg aka Radjaw from Mad Rad/Fresh Espresso. A few months back he had hand drawn cartoons of his band, champagne champagne, and Mash Hall (They Live! at the time)

Thought I would toss those two in a blender and then do my best to take the style/clothes I saw of Starfucker in some press photos

This is what I cam up with...

hope ya'll like..

see you at the show.