February 16, 2010


private drive R21, originally uploaded by shaunwilliamcallahan.

the title of this roll is to pay homage to my friend ThePlasticArts.com from Tucson, AZ now living in San Francisco. He just released his 3rd EP called Raleigh's Own (free to download). I was Listening to it the whole time I edited this roll and right now as i type this. His lyrics always tend to hit me the hardest because they are just solid and honest and seem to hit my core somber thoughts and life theme.

anyway just a few pics. tryin to find some more motivation for pics. gettin close to the goal of 22/24 rolls in one year.

wish me luck?



February 12, 2010

My Design: The Big Pink

this was some what inspired by one of my favorite designers Olly Moss (http://www.flickr.com/photos/ollym/) and The Big Pink's song "these girls fall like dominoes"

i liked how this all turned out. i originally had a different idea but then again i was limited to what high resolution pics i could find on the interwebs; which were lame or just non existent.

but as usual.. im always up for a challenge ;)


February 8, 2010

Roll 20: Time & Space

So every Thursday I have early Manager meetings at work. When these first started I hated them. Yet now I've turned them in to a positive use of time.

Instead of just heading back up to my apartment I've been exploring my city in its morning form, a truly different creature. I also found a way to let the city takes me where it wants. I've been letting the crosswalk lights let me decide me which path to go.. This Particular roll took me down to Belltown mainly where I found a couple new coffee shops I may hit up for wall space since my first picked spot isn't available in time.

Annnnnd as far as the photos go I took a primary focus on using more dead space or voids in the shots. something that I think with these particular ones would really only work well in a larger format...

Anyway... i haven't had any coffee yet and I'm in more necklace/music making mood right now.



February 6, 2010

I wish this was my photo.

Terra_Wall, originally uploaded by kjten22.

once upon a time in my home town Tucson i over heard a friend kinda bitch about me a lil and said "damn shaun and his collection of awesomeness"

and well i think in the context he was stating it was negative. but i remembered it for some reason when i saw this photo by my good friend Kyle Johnson (kjphotos.com).

i've been lucky enough to get great and talented friends around here that help inspire me in all creative things i like to dabble in. this photo in particular really makes me wanna work on some more portraits of people... (especially gorgeous models like this)

yet i hate the planning of it all since im just doing it for expression and fun.. my best portrait thus far was even shot from the hip. haha.

anyway.. rambling now. been a non stop couple of days and having fun with my collection of seattle awesomes

and im off tonight to freemont.. scary.

next week. i pray for sun for photos, jewelry makin, book reading and guitar/keyboard amp buying


February 1, 2010

best DJ poster ever / yes i will. yes i will

i hope to someday be this awesome (click for original post and bigger image)

here is the text haha

"*Naaaaaaah M8! Seriously! It was fuckin wicked!!
The shittest Djs playing some of the most meaningless music you ever heard in your life!
Grown men wandering around aimlessly like new-born babys!
DJ Fuck-It dropped 400 BPM’s of ‘toxic-lizard-shit’
and I screamed ‘FREEDOM!!’. There was piss and sick all over the toilet cubicles.
We snorted a line and met in the middle like in Lady and the Tramp,
then I said ‘Fuck Gordon Brown!’ and we both laughed. ‘
I love you’ I said. ‘I love you’ she said.
We hugged and she threw up on my dreadlocks.
It was beautiful!"

also if you dont want to be productive

go to http://www.elegantslum.com/

i had to fight to pull away...

today i will be productive. yes i will. yes i will